Who am I?

I am Seda, Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist, although it is difficult to say and remember with its full name:)

How old am I?


Why Aesthetic Surgery?

Here’s why …To show how beautiful a person can be, to witness his/her change, to know that I am a part of the happiness on his face…

What is Beauty?

What is fascinating… It’s close enough to everyone today and above all, it’s my job!
My philosophy while doing my job is Beauty = Happiness = Confidence and Success

How did I get to this point in my life…

I have worked very hard to come to this point
I finished Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty with second place
I have read 30 years to come to this point and I still continue to read and follow the innovations every day.
I still attend many conferences, congresses and presentations about Plastic Surgery at every opportunity. If science doesn’t stay where it is, I can’t. I must not renew myself, use any current innovation. I write articles in national and international journals. The condition of success in this profession is to keep yourself updated

International Experience?

I worked with Juergen Koebke Prof. at the University of Cologne Anatomy Department. In the same period, I had the opportunity to work with Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thomas J. Galla. I successfully completed the hand surgery workshop held by the University of Cologne and Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty. I am still trying to keep myself up to date with visits to Berlin and Cologne at every opportunity.

Foreign language?

I know German very well and English well

Necessary while doing your job?

Knowledge, discipline, understanding and empathy, experience, diligence, smiling face, excitement, positive energy…

You do not give up?

Peace and my family
Books… The shelves of my library have started to hang at home but I want more books.
Plenty of chocolate
Everyday eyeliner

Your horoscope?


What are your hobbies?

Traveling whenever possible, trying to get to know the culture and daily life of different countries. The opportunity is to try different country cuisines in my home…

Private Life?

My husband and daughter are my life. And my dog, a huge German Shepherd

So more?

So let’s look at the awards, publications, courses and certificates section…